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At Rouhi we are passionate about creating an exceptional fusion of flavours, textures and aromas that satisfy the senses in unexpected ways. Inspired by a wealth of culinary delights from Asia, chef Renaud Goigoux presents his interpretation of these signature dishes using only the most carefully sourced wholesome ingredients.

Food for the soul

We believe there are two types of food, spiritual food and physical food. Spiritual food is the nourishment in life that feeds our heart and soul, like meaningful relationships, a satisfying career, and everyday routines that allow us to find beauty in the little things. This satisfies our deepest hunger, our thirst for a happy and fulfilling life. Physical food is the food that nourishes the body and revitalises the senses.

Both types of food have a direct impact on your wellbeing and the quality of your life. Yet it is in unifying the two that something truly unique emerges: food for the soul.



You will find current availability in our restaurant and terrace in the reservation system on this page.

Due of COVID-19, our seating is continuously adjusted to the permitted occupancy by government policy. For groups of more than 5 people, we are happy to discuss our options via info@rouhi.nl.

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The available gift cards are shown in the module on this page. Our gift cards are also available in the restaurant.

Redeem gift card

The gift card can be redeemed when making a reservation. Enter the receipt number and validation code at the “extra” step and the gift card will be automatically linked to the reservation.

Rouhi at Home

Enjoy the restaurant experience at home and be culinary inspired at your own kitchen table. This winter, our chefs will take you on a journey to discover the rich Asian cuisine and cook a 5-course menu at home.

We take everything with us to impress your guest(s): chef, service and everything for a beautifully set table. All we need in your home is a clean kitchen for the chef. Rouhi at Home can be booked for lunch or dinner and with or without pairing drinks.

Chef Renaud and his team serve dishes with surprising flavors, textures and aromas that satisfy the senses in unexpected ways. The menu is inspired by rich Asian cuisine. Our chefs show their view on modern fusion cuisine and cook with local seasonal products.

For more information and/or availability, please contact info@rouhi.nl

Menu at Home


Restaurant Rouhi is located at the ground floor of House of Rituals. The entrance you find at Spui.

Restaurant Rouhi
Spui 10
1012 PP Amsterdam


(+31) 020 705 51 80

Opening Hours

Monday 11.00 - 17:00
Tueseday 10.00-17.00
Wednesday 10.00-17.00
Thursday 10.00-17.00
Friday 10.00-17.00
Saturday 10.00-17.00
Sunday 11.00 - 17.00

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